Advantages of glass lined pipe fittings

Publish time:2020-01-18 15:30:00
Glass lined pipe fitting is a component of glass lined with 0.8-0.2mm thick glass lined layer, which is sprayed on the surface of the metal steel embryo and baked at 900 ℃ to make the glass lined closely combined with the metal matrix.

Let's briefly introduce the advantages of glass lined pipe fittings:

Advantage 1: because metal is easy to be corroded by strong acid and alkali, etc., but we can prevent metal from rusting by enamel coating on the metal surface, because the enamel layer on the metal surface will not form oxide layer in the process of heating, and the enamel has the ability of anti-corrosion to resist the erosion of various liquids, so as to protect our metal surface 。

Advantages 2: glass lining is not only safe and non-toxic, but also easy to wash and clean; it can be widely used in daily life as food utensils and washing utensils, so we burn the glass lining on the metal surface, and under specific conditions, it also has high hardness, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, insulation and other excellent properties. These characteristics of enamel coating on metal body make our glass equipment more practical in chemical industry, medicine and other industries, so glass equipment has a more extensive use.

Advantage 3: the glass lining layer is smooth and beautiful, so the glass lining makes the pipe appearance more beautiful and generous.