Glass Lined Pipes and tower section case

Publish time:2020-01-20 00:38:00
Glass Lined Pipes and tower section:
The glass-lined tube is sprayed on the surface of the metal-steel blank by a silicon-containing enamel glass glaze. After baking at a high temperature of about 900℃,the enamel glass glaze is tightly bonded to the metal substrate, and the thickness of the metal substrate is uniformly covered with a thickness of 0.8 to 0.2. The component of the glass-lined layer of mm. Pipe fittings are an important component of material transfer. The surface of the glass-lined glassware is smooth and has chemical stability similar to glass. It can withstand the corrosion of hydrofluoric acid and all inorganic acids and organic acids other than hot phosphoric acid. The dissolution of all organic solvents has sufficient rigidity and strength compared to the metal base of the glass-lined pipe fittings, which avoids the secondary hazard caused by the brittle failure of glass-like pipe fittings. The tight bond between the bismuth glass layer and the metal substrate does not cause the non-metallic layer to fall off like a steel-lined PTFE pipe even under high temperature and high vacuum conditions. Therefore, the glass-lined pipe is widely used in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, dye, pesticide, food manufacturing, national defense and other industrial production and scientific research where corrosion and cleanliness are required, which plays an irreplaceable role effect.

The glass-lined pipe assembly can be divided into two categories: the first type consists of steel-lined glass pipes, which form the main body of the glass-lined pipe assembly, such as glass-lined tubes and elbows (including 30°, 45°, 60°,90°,180°elbow), three-way (including equal-diameter tee and reducer tee), four-way (including equal-diameter four-way and reducer four-way), reducer (including concentric Diameter pipe, eccentric reducer, reducer flange, spacer and flange cover; the second type is the connection and sealing components of non-glass glass, such as glass-lined equipment, loose flange, glass-lined Equipment gaskets, fasteners (including bolts, nuts, washers), etc., the function is to complete the combination and assembly between the glass-lined pipe fittings or the glass-lined pipe fittings in other pipes (equipment), so that they can be connected to realize the pipeline Features.

Our productivity and advantages:
1) It can produce DN25〜DN2000 glass-lined pipe fittings and tower sections (DN250 and below are generally less than 2000mm; DN300 and above can be up to 4000mm), and related enamel glass accessories.
2) All glass-lined pipe fittings adopt a cold spray process, which requires workers to repeatedly grind and refine the billet and glass glaze powder, and the moisture in the glass glaze powder is naturally dry. The glass-lined tube under the operation of the technology has a large number of firings, the porcelain layer is thin, the thickness of the porcelain layer is uniform, the bismuth glass layer is tightly combined with the metal substrate, and the phenomenon that the dark foam and the whole porcelain surface fall off are not easy to occur.
3) The simmering process carried out by the factory is the world's leading level, which can produce national standards and more stringent European standards and DIN standards.
4) The factory has established a long-term cooperative relationship with the well-known European enamel factory, and has long-term procurement of world-class enamel to ensure the firing of enamel glass. The parts can be used stably for a long time under severe conditions such as chloroacetic acid.
Glass Lined Pipes and tower section case