Functional characteristics of glass lined condenser and chip condenser

Publish time:2020-01-18 15:32:00
The glass lined plate condenser has good corrosion resistance, and when the cooling water flows in the jacket, it will use the cross flow method for heat exchange. This glass lined condenser is disc type, because the flow section of hot fluid is very small, so its flow rate will be higher, so its heat transfer rate will be higher.

In fact, the chip glass lined condenser is a kind of auxiliary equipment, which is widely used, compact in structure, small in volume and light in weight. It is much smaller than the chip glass lined condenser in volume, and its heat transfer rate is twice that of it. He is composed of several independent disc condensers, each layer of which is separated by PTFE film, and the upper and lower ends of which are clamped by looper flange.

For the condensation of hot air flow, he uses hot air flow and cold air flow to exchange. Their lamellar spacing is very small, and the medium can be used repeatedly. He can improve the efficiency of the condenser, and then eliminate the leakage.

Usually we can also use condensate to make the condenser better. If necessary, we need to layer the cooling water so that its performance can be improved.