Wuxi Qianqiao Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Xinan Industrial Park, Qianqiao Town, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. The company is one of the designated manufacturers of glass enamel equipment by the Ministry of chemical industry. With the change of market demand, the company has carried out technological innovation of enamel technology since 2006, absorbing the advanced technology and high-quality enamel of European glass enamel equipment manufacturers. All products are internationally advanced cold spraying , low temperature slow firing process, to overcome the product quality defects caused by the commonly used high temperature hot spraying process in China. The company's main products: glass lined pipe fittings, glass lined new porous condenser, glass lined thin film evaporator, glass lined U-tube heat exchanger / silicon carbide heat exchanger have reached the international advanced level, and are well received by customers in the market.

Wuxi Qianqiao Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd
1) Wuxi Qianqiao Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978, is a joint-stock enterprise, the company has 30 years of glass lining equipment manufacturing experience.

2) Wuxi Qianqiao Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. has a production workshop of 20000 square meters.

Our domestic production capacity:
1) 102 employees (including 20 designers);
2) There are 5 enameling Furnaces: shell production pipeline (minimum specification is 25mm * 2000mm, maximum specification is 2000mm * 4000mm), glass lined pipe fittings and tower joints and other glass lined accessories;
3) P-0.63 type, P-1 type, three hole type and six hole type;
4) Glass lined thin film evaporator 0.5m2-15m2, and glass lined small test tube device;
5) Glass lined U-tube heat exchanger 1-100m;
6) Silicon carbide heat exchanger 1-100m;
7) The factory implements GB / T and more stringent European standards and DIN standards.