Glass lined film evaporator for waste acid recovery system

Publish time:2020-02-18 20:04:00

Project application: used in waste acid recovery system
Equipment name: glass lined film evaporator
Equipment supplier: Wuxi Qianqiao Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. 
Site photo of waste acid recovery system:

WFE Glass-lined film evaporator:Vessel FV-0.25 Mpa,Jacket 0.6MPa;Executive standard:(HG/T4299-2019)。
Film Evaporator is designed to evaporate a liquid material by making it a thin film under vacuum and at lower temperatoue.Without thermal attack to the material to be treated.Accordingly,this evaporatou is best suited for refining,condensation,de-odoring,etc.And for substances which areheat-sensitive.